Progresja Space implements the project subsized from the European Funds „Development and production implementation of high-temperature combustion chambers for satellite propulsion at Progresja Space.”

The primary objective of this ambitious project is to conduct in-depth tests on high-temperature refractory materials—specifically In718, C103, rhenium, and PtRh20—that are pivotal in the architecture of chemical thrusters. Adopting an innovative approach, we aim to revolutionize both the design and manufacturing paradigms of combustion chambers. Executed in two vital stages, the first phase involved subcontracting R&D to a specialized research institute. This step allowed for meticulous material testing and initial design validation. Among the attributes assessed were tensile strength, creep, and thermomechanical fatigue—all under conditions that closely mimic those encountered in bipropellant chemical thrusters.

Building on this foundation, the second stage saw the transition of these validated designs to our in-house facilities for the final stretch of development and production. Leveraging our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, we could implement these designs with a focus on optimization and efficiency. As a result, we can better predict the lifetime of the thrust chambers, thus enhancing reliability. What’s more, the insights have led to mass savings, which, given the high costs of the materials involved, translates into a significant reduction in manufacturing costs.

Project timeline



Project was officially started in February 2022 with selection of the research institute for the high-temperature materials testing.


Testing completed

R&D stage successfully conclude and with use of the gained knowledge new set of design criteria are defined



Sample thrust chambers are being manufactured for testing purposes, and their are being offered as a product

  • Prime:
    Progresja Space
  • Subcontractor:
    Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy
  • Funding source
    European Funds (Regional)
  • EU co-funding
    382 500,00 PLN
  • Timeline
    2022 - 2023

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