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Our Solutions

At Progresja Space, we are committed to transforming the future of space exploration through innovative propulsion solutions for small satellites. We have always been at the forefront of space technology, consistently pushing the boundaries to give our clients reliable, efficient, and sustainable propulsion systems.

Chemical thrusters

High-thrust, green chemical propulsion for small satellites. When you need to quickly get to your final destination.

  • 500 mN - 30 N range
  • Specific impulse > 300 s
  • Low-cost, short lead time

Electric propulsion

High-performance, miniaturized propulsion including plasma and electrothermal thrusters

  • uN to mN thrust range
  • high thrust-to-power ratio
  • compact size (as low as 0.3U)

ADCS components

Reaction wheels for your ADCS system to control your satellite's attitude.

  • High torque and momentum storage
  • Low power and compact
  • Sized for CubeSats from 3U to 16U

High-temperature thrust chambers

Chemical thruster chambers and nozzles manufactured using refractory alloys.

  • In718, Nb-Hf, rhenium, PtRh20
  • design and analysis support
  • manufactured according to your needs

Our Approach

From initial consultation to mission completion, we guide you every step of the way. Trust Progresja Space to move your satellite in the right direction.


Unlock the potential of your satellite business.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of space technology, standing still is not an option. If you're in the satellite business, you understand the vital role propulsion plays not just in mission success, but also in driving profitability.

  • Customized Solutions

    Our products are always tailored to your needs ensuring the highest performance.

  • Competitive pricing

    We understand that it takes time and resources to build space business.



Progresja Space is proud to contribute to the advancement of space technology through active participation in national, European Space Agency (ESA), and European Union (EU) programs.

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