Progresja Space implements the project subsized from the European Funds „Pulsed Plasma Thruster for nano- and microsatellites.”

The aim of the project is to develop and implement pulse plasma engine technology for nano and microsatellites fueled by liquid propellant. The pulse plasma engine resulting from this project will be tailored for nano and microsatellites, both in terms of technical parameters and cost. It will be characterized by low mass and volume, very low power consumption, high efficiency, and a relatively low price that meets market expectations.

Consequently, the proposed plasma engine will address the urgent market demand from the identified target group, which consists of integrators and producers of nano and micro-class satellites — particularly companies offering satellite services using their own satellites, operating based on the New Space concept. To the best of the applicants’ knowledge, there is no domestic supplier of electric propulsion systems for nano and microsatellites. The proposed PPT drive would be the first Polish commercial satellite engine.

The drive will constitute a standalone assembly connected to the satellite’s power bus and its central computer. It will consist of a single engine module, a fuel module, and a power and control electronics module, all housed in a common structure not exceeding 0.5U in size.

To achieve TRL 7, the existing laboratory setup developed by IFPiLM must be improved and undergo a series of functionality, reliability, and lifetime tests under conditions similar to operational ones. Parallel R&D work by Progresja Space and IFPiLM is planned in the project. The successful implementation of these tasks and the successful launch of the product to the market will have a significant impact on the domestic space sector and the applicant’s activities. For IFPiLM, the implementation of the technology developed from the laboratory concept will be a major prestige on the international arena and will allow it to achieve the status of one of the leading research units in this area.

Project timeline



Project was officially started in May 2020 together with Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM).


Breadboard model

Successful testing of the breadboard model in the vacuum conditions.


Engineering model

EM model was manufactured and assembled. Test campaign is in progress.

  • Prime:
    Progresja Space
  • Subcontractor:
    Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion
  • Funding source
    European Funds (NCBR)
  • EU co-funding
    4 847 271,26 PLN
  • Timeline
    2020 - 2023

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